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Our understanding of the nature of gravity today is due to the fruitful works of many scientists whose main aim was to propose another vision that reflects the realities in which we live. Throughout the history of scientific research, men have introduced new concepts that have lived to help illuminate mankind's course in the wilderness of space-time.

Doctor Einstein described gravity as nothing other than escape velocity. Space-time events are influenced by gravity in a unique way, that is it curves the whole structure into existence. Gravity is thus a fundamental ingredient of reality. A gravitational field is very similar to an electromagnetic field in the way its waves propagate. The earth's gravitational field draws objects towards its centre. The intensity of this attraction decreases as we move outwards from the earth's gravitational field. It is different from the electromagnetic field fundamentally because objects captured in a gravitational field endure an acceleration which is not at all connected to the object's mass. All masses are subjected to the same acceleration in a gravitational field. This signifies that if a man and his horse are dropped high above the ground at the same moment they will hit the ground at the same time. They all endure the same velocity. It is described as an escape velocity because it has no local reality. There is a fundamental issue here, because it means that if you hit a ball hard enough it can escape the earth's gravitational attraction. It all depends how hard you hit the ball. It doesn't matter whether you hit the ball at a vertical or horizontally. The satellites gravitate around the earth the same way the shuttle blasts towards space. It all depends on the amount of force needed. Falling in or out are space time events with opposite coordinates. According to the principle of relativity the laws and constants are invariant between reference frames.


The laws of physics are solely based upon the property of invariance. Diffeomorphism sometimes referred to as "Diff" is a physical scientific concept introduced by Einstein. It englobes the notion of isomorphism which is the mapping together of two complex structures onto each other in such a way that they fit to give us a perfect thought. The notion of diff invariance is applied so as to validate conflicting theorems in physics. As the laws and constants in physics and are invariant between reference frames, it follows that measurement results should be identical in all reference frames. Just like in two different types of manifolds or vacuum states in interaction to each other. All these can also be regarded as scalar fields in which we apply the Hamiltonian operator or matrix. Field theories engulf 'diff ' which is part of a gravitational field. The main goal is to have a kind of diff symmetry in the whole process. General relativity is base on gravity and a bridge towards quantum mechanics has nothing but gravity in mind and there is no way out without quantum gravity.

Quantum Gravity

Quantum mechanics is weird science; quantum gravity is both weird and mysterious. Quantum gravity has a sort of a metaphysical connotation attached to it. It deals with lengths and masses in quiet a different scale. Space and time at the Plank's scale is a dimension ruled by mathematical equations, but this doesn't in way rule out the reality it withholds. The time dilation factor in general relativity is also present at the small scale structure. It is a kind of a virtual real world. It's space-time is inconsistent and invariant in the manifolds. In general relativity, the dimensions space-time are well determined, but in quantum gravity the 3+1 dimensions presents us with other dimensions like the length, mass and area. Quantum gravity might be the link between general relativity and quantum mechanics. It's the core of black hole physics and can be trace back to the early universe. We belief in the fact that there exist a kind of symmetry which is indeed non-computable in quantum gravity and there exist a mathematical truth that is consistent with the classical world. Einstein's bending of the path of light by gravitational field can directly be interpreted as an input to the curvature of space time. The understanding of nature in the sense that uniform acceleration is gravity and that rest mass is stored energy shows the beauty and reality of this interpretation.


There are many theories out there in competition to unveil the final unifying theory. From strings with it's dimensions to super symmetry or the more promising loop quantum gravity and what comes next. The string theory describes the matter in the universe as string-like objects. It presumes everything in nature is made of strings which is the basics of everything. Strings are in a vibrational mode with distinct discrete notes. The m-theory is most likely a theory that unifies. By the way, if different string theories can be unified, we are heading for one unique theory after all. Confrguration space using stings and loop as Hamiltonian generalised momentum.

Loop quantum gravity is a very attractive theory in the sense that, it very well handles the non perturbative quantum field theory. Its a theory that is well armed for the Planck scale physics and also attached to both quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is attracting to us because it offers a limit boundary between QM and GR.


These two theories are like physical reference objects 'bolts and knots', if we put them together. The experience of 'stings in loops' is most likely to be observed if we consider the manner in which nature operates. With this thought experiment we can see quiet clearly that Planck scale discrete space-time dimensions are far greater than the conventional 3+1 in the standard model. As it is, it seems that we can solve the gut problem with only two stokes.

It is only nature that can offer an experiment that points to the inevitable reality of its forces. It might turn out that an experiment due to the manifestation of nature itself, would be the most precious model. This might give us a vision of the unified theory, from nature's point of view. Just like Newton and the apple. By nature we mean physics and chemistry.

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